Here's Everything We Know About How the Lady Dior Bag is Made

Watch the video that introduces you to some of the secrets of Dior's iconic fashion powerhouse.
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Lady Dior's handbag is a timeless statement piece that only appreciates in value over time.  Of course, we have seen the iconic bag carried by celebrities and fashion lovers everywhere, but it was not until we understood the craftsmanship that went into making the bag that we fully fell in love with it.  So, we have come to you with some of the secrets of making this distinctive bag that many women around the world love, to better understand the persission with which the bag is made and the great effort that the craftman put in to make the result so dazzling.

First, select the finest quality leather, according to the Dior strict selection rules. The second step is to perfect the knitting process and then check the accuracy of the knitting to ensure that it is completely free of defects.  Finally, all pieces are assembled.  The wooden forms were manufactured with the utmost precision according to the required size.  The result is a masterpiece that is incomparable in its beauty and splendor.

Watch the video to explore the exact steps of manufacturing and view the following photo gallery.

Source of images and video: Dior

Lady Dior

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