How good Paris smells!

In the search for original essences there are three perfumeries to meet. Each bottle surprises with extraordinary stories and unexpected aromas.
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The universe of niche fragrances is in full expansion. Consumers are increasingly seeking out-of-the-ordinary options and essences that identify them through unique characteristics, be it for their mix of ingredients, their inspiration or their history. Three Parisian proposals with identity.

In the bar

Liquides Bar à parfums is literally a perfume bar. The olfactory experience begins as soon as you enter the place, where there is a bar to try them. David Frossard, its creator, understands that choosing a scent is as important as choosing a good wine: "In this case, the bartender starts a conversation to suggest options, provide details about a particular manufacturer and explain the composition."

The experience differential is in the curatorship. According to Frossard: “Perfume is something immaterial, you can make compositions of absolutely everything, but the most interesting thing is that it has personality. For that you have to find creators who work with quality raw materials and that convey sensations .”

Some highlights to meet? Liquides Imaginaires, the perfume firm of the creator of Liquides with designer Philippe Di Méo, inspired by mystical elements; 19-69, with fragrances that gravitate in the counterculture of the 60s; and BDK, a young brand based on imaginary stories.

9, Rue de Normandie, Haut Marais. liquides-parfums.com


With history


Located in a traditional Parisian area, close to the Tuileries Gardens and a few steps from Vendôme Square, is Jovoy. This contemporary house, very nicely, occupied the structure of a very traditional almost one hundred years old. It is defined as a precursor to “rare” perfumes, made by creatives who use original raw materials and who work experimentally.

Many people come up with an idea already chosen, others with an idea of what they want to wear or how they want to smell. Some tour the boutique for hours until they find their favorite. We never press to make the purchase, our philosophy is to ensure that the consumer is one hundred percent sure of what he is going to wear and then use it to the last drop, ”says Caroline Capri, Marketing Manager of the house.

Among the non-serial brands found here, are the Italian Nasomatto, with lines that evoke everything from food to sex; Eight & Bob, favorite of John F. Kennedy; and Akro, which refers to addictions such as chocolate, coffee, alcohol or cigarettes.

4, Rue de Castiglione, District I.


Personal world

Renata and Victoria, creators of Sens Unique, in the heart of the Le Marais neighborhood, have a special sensitivity when choosing the fragrances that make up their boutique. “ We strive to find unique aromas and surprise our customers with news. We know that those who approach look for something different, so the treatment is very personalized. For us it is important to 'feel' the person, understand what he is looking for . ”
Their perfumes may have complex compositions, but the stories always manifest clearly as soon as the lid is removed. Among its highlights are brands such as Beaufort London, with symbology of the naval tradition; Neanderthal, with two fragrances made in ceramic sculptures; and L'Orchestre, where music and instruments are the main component.

13, Rue du Roi de Sicile, Le Marais.


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