How To Combine Colours This Season

Summer fashion is always in colours brighter than any flower garden in the world, and the palette is updated every year with whimsical shades.
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Often, lovers of Pantone forget all the other colors in the palette and cannot return to classic and neutral colors - black, blue, white. Still, what does the unwritten summer fashion protocol dictate?

A New Classic

Colours in the fashion world are like juices that saturate the first rows of catwalks. A wave of bright colors hits fashion in every collection. Bright colours are always there but don't make it into everyone's wardrobe. The fashion people are usually more welcoming towards bold ideas, but amateur fashion-lovers may not be so keen. However, bright colors and bold combinations in the summer are a sign of pretentious and sophisticated taste that is easy to master.


Color combinations or vivid details add drama to a dull and monotonous routine. There are more and more colorful clothes on store shelves with every season, especially this year, when the neon beauties of the 1980s climbed the fashion Olympics. Still, women hunt for neutral, classic shades.

Color combinations or vivid details add drama to a simple and boring routine.

Colours - the new classic for summer. As the fashion wheel spins, more and more expressive shades return to wardrobes, and from them, street fashion creates ever more cheeky yet genius combinations.

Many of the big fashion players today are adding more colours to their summer collections - natural patterns come in unnatural colors such as neon or gold, making it an acceptable and attractive option to wear a full combination of one bright color. During the warm season, black becomes, to say the least, prohibited.

What To Choose?

In summer you can choose the most fashionable colours of this season - these include bright, capricious, and light, sensual colors.

The summer 2019 collections were in a new and unseen color palette, for example, pink:  a light shade of light pink, a bit brighter, with a coral spice, a sweet oil shade, an intense pink and, of course, a summer queen - a coral color.

Important summer colour is also red and a few shades of it: intense red, drawn straight from Spanish fiesta, burgundy, and turmeric that is refreshing and windy.

For the bold and nostalgic, we introduce neon, who has received help from Raf Simons to climb the trend and accelerate fast fashion. From yellow road signs to Madonna's pink tights - all shades fit and are inscribed in the summer fashion protocol.

Everything is better with a shade of yellow: a dull lemon verbena, a slightly brighter yellow and a ripe mango. In addition to the hues of the whole bouquet, anything you have in your closet can become a real summer weapon.


Color matching has rules, but you won't have to sit on the school bench here. These lessons are far more enjoyable and like a little fashion therapy.

Remember, when you are sunbathing during the summer, you will feel best without black or other classic colors. Therefore, if you are afraid to wear extremely bright colour combinations, choose bold accessories. You can combine them in the same color categories. For example, mix a few yellow shades with the light suit you choose - be it a handbag, a belt, a light patterned scarf around your neck or a "fluffy" bright hoop and shoes. This is the basic rule and the attributes of combining gorgeous accessories with an impeccable one-color outfit.

If you are ready for bolder decisions, remember what insolence means. First and foremost, you won't get tired of choosing the same color for every detail of your outfit - one of the boldest yet lightest of all. However, in this case, choose more solid haircuts.

You can also combine vivid colors with vivid patterns. Choose the color you like and look for patterned accessories in different colors. These can be flowers, streaks, dots, animal fur, and anything else. For example, if you are choosing a jacket and trousers with pink stripes, combine a shirt with a pink tint.

Besides, colors can become a counterweight and create contrast in combination. In this case, remember the most straightforward contrast - white and black - and combine a light colour with a dark colour, for example, mild lemon and dark pastel green. Today fashion has released many dress codes, even official ones. And here's the task of releasing colours in everyday life for women.

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