How to Instantly Make Your Look More Romantic

Hair accessories are a simple detail that instantly changes the whole image.
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Do you want to update your look but don’t know where to start? The fastest way to update the image is to use new accessories. A wide belt will change the silhouette of a straight or flared dress, a narrow belt-chain will adorn the classic jacket, and massive earrings will turn a simple white shirt dress into an evening dress.


However, this time, we invite you to remember the accessory that many of us have forgotten, which is especially suitable for summer days: ribbons in hair, giving the outfit elegance and romance and instantly refreshing the image.


You can put your hair in a loose tail and tie it with a simple neat ribbon. Recently, Instagram fashionistas have been styling ribbons with logos and names of famous fashion houses. You may ask - where do such ribbons come from? When buying an accessory, simply take the ribbon off the box! Of course, not everyone can buy Chanel, Dior, Gucci, or other luxury purchases every day, but visiting an embroidery shop and buying a fine velvet, satin or grosgrain type of ribbon is definitely not complicated. If you receive a gift tied with a beautiful fabric ribbon, do not throw it away - it may be perfect for decorating your hairstyle.


In the shops you will also find stylish ribbon-clips, which will hold the fastened hair extremely tightly. Unfortunately, ribbons often slip off the hair, so, before tying your hair with a ribbon, first tie it with a regular hair band.


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