How to Protect Your Skin from Pollution

For those living in the big cities, pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. While visiting Paris to announce her arrival on the French market, Barbara Sturm gives us her tips on how to maintain a healthy skin condition.
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L'Officiel: It seems that you have created a shield against pollution?

Barbara Sturm: Yes, we have created a product specifically for those living in the city, called Anti-Pollution Drops. Absolutely perfect for Parisians, because these drops have no sticky appearance on the skin. The important thing is to rectify the functions of our skin because the stronger it is, the less harmful elements can be lodged in the epidermis. If the functions of the skin are too weak, it can even lead to inflammation. The application of the right ingredients will act as a barrier to pollution.


Ideally, how should we use these drops?

Before the application of a moisturizer, and associated with a serum with hyaluronic acid. It is a cosmetic complex that everyone should use daily for a truly optimal result. The pollution is very harmful in the long term, and we must also apply sunscreen (SPF50) before sun exposure.


So in this way, our skin is in no way in contact with pollution?

Yes, but there are also dietary supplements for those living in large, highly polluted cities. Anti-Pollution Food consists of adaptogenic ingredients, that is, they contain plants that adapt to our body in case of stressful or physical situations.


Does our beauty routine have to change when hot weather arrives?

Not necessarily. Since hydration is essential in summer, you just have to pay close attention to the ingredients that make up your facial cream. When you apply something onto your skin, especially to the face, it is imperative to know what's inside, because it penetrates your system and goes into the blood. Our moisturizer for the face is really a must have that everyone loves, and it goes through all seasons. We also recommend our customers to use the cleanser twice a day, a powder that gently cleans and deepens the skin. We also have a balancing tonic, which properly readjusts the pH of the skin which often is too acidic.


What are the other enemies of the skin not to be underestimated?

When the epidermis is not working the right way, the external stress can cause an even bigger damage: problems of pigmentation, cancer, aging ... It is also necessary to pay attention to the blue light of our smartphones.


Sold exclusively at the Bon Marché.


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