In the Demarchelier family, we ask for the son

Photography is a family affair. Victor Demarchelier, Patrick's son is ready to take over, and proves it in an upcoming exhibition, announced on the first day of Paris fashion week.
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The art of photography is often a family affair. The Sief, the Sorrenti,… would not contradict. And comparing the work of Victor Demarchelier, 35, to that of his father Patrick, is almost a game of seven errors. The same love of black and white, a real gift for light, a constructed image ... The parallel is quickly drawn, and the association is tempting. This will soon be done with the tribute exhibition announced in Paris for the end of February, bringing together the most beautiful prints of the father and the son, in a mirror retrospective.

The resemblance is surprising, for a duo who never really imagined working one day together, before Victor joined the paternal New York studio after graduating from art and economics studies. Whoever intended for architecture was quickly bitten by the photography virus. The youngest son of his father's star photographer, he now walks in his footsteps, and collaborates with the best of the fashion press and luxury brands. Energy, elegance, authenticity, we find in Victor's work what made his father's success and photographic signature. Hell no lie, this exhibit will most likely sound like passing the baton.

"Heritage" , exhibition at the A.Galerie, 4 rue Léonce Reynaud, 75016 Paris, from February 24 to April 11, 2020

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