Ivanka Trump Just Announced Her Clothing Line Is Shutting Down

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.
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It looks like not all things Trump are absolutely terrible — the president of Ivanka Trump's clothing brand Abigail Klem announced today that the First Daughter's fashion line will be closing down. She announced the closing to the brand's 18 employees, and they are expecting to be spoken to by Ivanka herself by the end of the day. 

Although Trump has publicly blamed her intense new schedule as Senior Advisor to the White House as the reason for the brand's closing, it's been more than a year that she's been formally separated from the business. In a statement to Glamour, Trump said: "When we first started this brand, no one could have predicted the success that we would achieve. After 17 months in Washington, I do not know when or if I will ever return to the business, but I do know that my focus for the foreseeable future will be the work I am doing here in Washington, so making this decision now is the only fair outcome for my team and partners. I am beyond grateful for the work of our incredible team who has inspired so many women; each other and myself included. While we will not continue our mission together, I know that each of them will thrive in their next chapter." 

The line caused lots of controversy during the election and once Trump was voted into office; there were many boycotts against the brand and its use of the Presidency as marketing leverage, and although Ivanka no longer had direct ties to the business, she was still often spotted wearing her namesake brand's designs. Only a year ago there were signs going up in Trump Tower announcing the opening of the first-ever Ivanka Trump store. No surprise here, the Trumps promised something they didn't deliver; the store never opened. Trump's line has long been speculated to be failing, with retailers consistently dropping the brand due to poor sales. 

All we have to say is, bye Ivanka! We won't miss you! We'll leave you all with something to remember poor Ivanka by. Caution ahead. 

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