Kaia Gerber talks family, secret talents and her supermodel status

Get to know Cindy Crawford's daughter and the star of Omega’s new Trésor campaign
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Kaia Gerber is a name that needs no introduction. Daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, the 16-year-old has proven that some things do run in the family with her countless catwalk features and magazine covers.


Most recently, Kaia has followed in her mother's footsteps once again by becoming the face of Omega's campaign for its new Trésor timepieces. Below, the model-of-the-moment talks exclusively to L’Officiel Singapore in Berlin about almost anything imaginable – tattoos, time travel and practising the catwalk.

Ваша мама, Синди Кроуфорд, более 20 лет является послом Омеги. Что вы узнали о бренде, пока вы росли?

Я действительно вырос в семье Омега. Я всегда был вокруг них, и мне было очень удобно. Поэтому, когда они попросили меня официально присоединиться к семье, это стало действительно естественным и правильным.


Какая у вас особенная память Омега?

Я помню, что была одна поездка моей маме, и я это сделал с Омегой, когда мы отправились в Перу и увидели больницу Летающего Глаза. Я думаю, мне было около 13. Это был просто такой невероятный опыт, видя, как нас показали вокруг Перу и что-то сделать для других людей. Это изменило мою жизнь и заставило меня понять, что я хотел сделать.

What in particular draws you to watches and the Trésor?

People now don't necessarily need a watch to tell the time. The thing about the Trésor is it's something you wear every day, not just for telling time, but because of how it makes you feel – and its style.



You're referred to as a new “super” sometimes. How do you feel about that?

The word supermodel shouldn't be used lightly and I definitely think it has to be earned, so when people refer to me (as one), I think, well give me a little bit of time at least. But it's definitely an honour to be associated with what was there in the ’90s.


When was the first time you realised you were famous?

I still get surprised. If someone knows my name and I'm like, wait, are talking to me? Because I don't expect it – ever – and it still surprises me. I don't think there was one moment when I understood it. I think I was about 13 when one person started following me on Instagram and I thought, how did they find me? From there, it became how it is now.

"[Modeling is] a dream job for me. I think it's really cool because you get to travel and to meet people from all around the world that you wouldn't normally get to meet. That part of it makes it really fun and exciting for me."

Do you practise the catwalk with your mum at home?

Actually, no, my mum has never given me a catwalk lesson, but I definitely have watched her and I think she's amazing. I love everything she does, but I'm not cat-walking down the hallways of my house – sorry to disappoint you.


Your brother is a model too. How important is Presley to you?

Presley is my entire world and what I always say is, he's my only sibling. So he's the one person I know who's always going to be there for me and have my back, and I have eternal love for him. 


You're obviously very close to your family. Is it true that you and Presley have matching tattoos?

We don't, but he actually got my name and my lucky number tattooed which was super sweet – I kind of suggested it as a joke. I said: “Oh, you should get my name tattooed.” And he went: “Okay, I will.” And he did it. I think that's one he probably won't regret.

Any secret talents?  

I played the flute growing up so if anyone's looking for a flautist then I've got you, but that's about it.


If you travel forward in time, 20 years from now, how would you like to see yourself?

I think most 16 year olds don't know what they're going to do with their life, but as long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing in the moment then, I will just continue to roll with it and see where it takes me. I hope to be in a happy place, doing something that I love.

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