Kim Kardashian begins law school

Turning 180 ° for the American businesswoman. Indeed, after successfully securing a sexagenarian jailed for more than twenty years for a non-violent drug-related crime last May, Kim Kardashian West wants to continue fighting the social inequalities in her country by becoming a lawyer.
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With father Robert Kardashian, notorious for defending OJ Simpson, the latter supports a certain legitimacy by announcing that she grew up between her dolls and Dad's office.

Attacked so many times, she will finally be able to defend herself alone.

A traditional program lasts three years. Experts say a three-year law program is both academically demanding and emotionally intense, especially in the first year.
But where to study? The dilemma is real, according to the ranking of the top ten law universities, Berkeley (West Coast) is ranked ninth and Yale (East Coast) first. The first being a 90-minute flight from her home in Los Angeles in the very secret city that is aptly named, The Hidden Hills seems to be the perfect option for the future mother of four. Especially since it is this same university where Elle Woods, mythical character of the film Legally Blond studied before leaving for Harvard.

But is it really possible? Kim Kardashian West and its 128 million subscribers on Instagram can she really go to university as a student to study or can we hope for a remake of the film but in reality version produced by him. Look forward to seeing how the reality star is going to add this new string to its already well-filled bow!

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