Kylie Jenner's assistant resigns to become an influencer

Keep an eye on Victoria Villarroel, Kylie's former assistant
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Would you leave your job to become influencer? That's what Victoria Villarroel just did. Kylie Jenner's assistant is now a full-time Instagram influencer - but she and her former boss are still super friends.

"Victoria wants to be an influencer on her own and is focusing on that now," a source close to the two said. "Kylie and Victoria are still friends and close."

Victoria currently has 930,000 Instagram followers, which puts her in a good position to make money from sponsored content. Social stars that have at least 1 million followers earn about $ 10,000 per post, and Victoria already seems to be living life in style. 

A source told 'Us Weekly' that Kylie is increasingly appreciating who she trusts, especially after the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods scandal. Kylie's friends support her and are loyal to her and her family.








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