Editor in Chief Liga Zemture and Other Celebrities at YSL BEAUTY PARTY

Proving that music and beauty have no barriers, the VIP guest list enjoyed an evening full of excitement, even without leaving home. Editor in chief of L'Officiel Baltics, Liga Zemture together with other celebrities experienced YSL new virtual beauty club. The event featured makeup artist Celine Bernaerts, Louise Chen's DJ set and Brandon Miel Masele's performance.
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Editor in Chief of L'Officiel Baltics, Liga Zemture @ligazemture
YSL Beauté threw a party. A virtual one. Pushed the boundaries. Celebrated with guests from over 40 countries. Without leaving home.

Tom Pecheux @tompecheux, Global Beauty Director YSL Beauté, Aquaria @ageofaquaria, Sharon Alexie @flammedepigalle, Lena Simonne @lena.simonne, Vashtie @vashtie, Taylor LaShae @taylorshae, Louise Verneuil @iamlouiseverneuil and many others “arrived”, popping up on the Zoom screens, a constant influx of changing faces, each made up according to their desired makeup look.  

Guests could choose between 5 makeup statements especially created for the night from Emma Louise @emmalouiseconnolly opting for Glow Hunter and Celine @celine_bernaerts wearing a daring smoky eyes, it was an expression of creativity, of letting go, and feeling free as the music took hold and the night went on.  


Welcome to a new era! With quarantine and social isolation, it is already an old issue that people have been communicating and working through video calls, but what about fun? Also! With parties and happy hours temporarily banned, we have no alternative but meetings and virtual ballads. And Yves Saint Laurent Beauté has proved that, even from a distance, fun has no barriers.

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DJ Louise Chen, @chchchen

To the sounds of DJ Louise Chen, @chchchen on the decks, all YSL Beauté guests moved as one.  

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Brandon Miel Masele @malboneige

Brandon Miel Masele @malboneige, took to the floor, creating a captivating dance performance that was inspirational, fast and free flowing.  


Snap! An image of each guest in the YSL Beauty Club Main Room was the perfect takeaway souvenir. To a backdrop of blue neon lights, the unifying wallpapers that made the Zoom screen look and feel more like a nightclub, guests took their pictures, sharing everything in live on social media. 

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From Virtual to Reality… we’ll see you there. Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see you on the next YSL Beauty Club Virtual Room, stay tuned!




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