#LOfficielShoppingList: Gucci Flashtrack

During the past few months, a piece of Gucci Autumn-Winter, which has been criticized for being away from wearability, has touched us so much ...
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Alessandro Michele is very grateful to Gucci. Ever since the brand's creative director sat in his chair, everyone started talking about Gucci with outrageous presentations and defamations. Good or bad, it does not matter. Almost everybody thinks he has difficulty reaching the mark. Alessandro Michele's intent is this? Or are you worried about art commenting? We do not know, but we are falling in love with some pieces.

There is a model that intensifies the message that the "Chunky Sneaker" trend will be long-lasting among those parts: Flashtrek. Renovated in the last few years, this snack, which is shaped by the "Guccy" logo with the "Sega" font, was actually inspired by climbing shoes. Another interesting point of your footwear is the banded accessory covered with bright stones. Although this band called "Bejeweled Strap" remained on the second platoon in Autumn-Winter, we fell in love with this little detail.


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