Look What Rihanna Just Dropped

It's a Fenty Beauty mascara. Which is amazing, but where is the album?
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Big news: Rihanna just dropped her latest creation! ......It's a Fenty Beauty mascara. Everyone's been keeping their phones close lately in hopes of Rihanna dropping R9, which did not come in 2019, to many fans' dismay. The musician-slash-fashion and beauty mogul has gotten in on the fun every chance she can get, even saying she was "refusing to release" the new album.

So imagine the mixed reactions when RiRi dropped Full Frontal, her new Fenty Beauty mascara. Preorders have quietly been open on the site since the holidays. It does look like a nice product, especially in the chic black-and-white photos of the star sporting her newest makeup product. To boot, it has a double-sided brush so you can both lift and curl with a few swipes, so the Fenty Beauty mascara looks set to be as versatile of a hit as her foundation and Stunna lip paint when it hits stores at Sephora, Boots (ha), and Harvey Nichols on January 16.

This should be fun, and just like when Glossier dropped their much-awaited Lash Slick, Full Frontal marks a new era for Rihanna's beauty brand. However, great as the product is sure to be, RiRi should know that while everyone is taking selfies with their new Fenty Beauty mascara, they will probably be making faces about their impatience over R9.

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