Meghan Markle's fashion in Canada

With more freedom of style and a new life, the Duchess has several options of local brands
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Have you ever thought what will happen to Meghan Markle's style now that she has moved to Canada? Away from all the royal rules, the American can now feel free to try and bet on pieces that truly reflect her mood.

We can still believe that some things will not change, for example, the sustainable conduct and love for social causes that she has presented over time. Check out 4 Canadian brands that Meghan can become a fan!

Jenny Bird

Jewelry brand Jenny Bird has contemporary and modern designs that speak directly to Meghan's style, but in addition, the company is highly engaged with social causes! Among the various companies that work in partnership with the jeweler is Dress for Success Canada, which, like Smart Works, seeks to help women achieve financial independence. In addition, Bird is donating part of his Love collection to help the crisis in Australia.


Spencer Badu

With contemporary pieces that bring a sporty and genderless style, the Toronto brand can perfectly fit the needs of Markle, who usually walks dogs and does pilates. Spencer, who studied in Calgary, sees life away from big fashion centers as a way of expanding the local scene, which speaks directly to local causes supported by Meghan.


Sid Neigum

"Less is more" would be a great way to define Markle's style, just as it would be the ideal translation of Neigum's aesthetic. Although he works his drapes and knits in a sculptural way, there is a real balance in his look that, for sure, will win the Duchess's heart.



Everyday and simple pieces gain architectural details in the Toronto sisters' work, but, in addition, their pieces are reversible, which allow greater forms of use. This would be ideal for Meghan, who cut spending on clothes and adopted a more sustainable approach, reusing her favorite pieces several times.




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