Moncler Genius Launches "The Next Chapter" at Milan Fashion Week

Ditching runways and models, the project unveiled 5 new collections through video installations at the Moncler Genius building.
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Moncler Genius kicked off Milan Fashion Week last night with its second presentation at the Moncler Genius building. Like its first presentation earlier this year, the project didn't hold a traditional catwalk show. However, there weren't any models this time, either — not physically, at least. Instead, the second wave of Moncler Genius collections were revealed solely through video installations, as part of an immersive virtual experience that resembled a film exhibition more than a fashion show.

There were five new collections in all, four of which were designed by the project's collaborators Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Noir's Kei Ninomiya and Fragment designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. These were presented through video projections in different rooms that embodied the unique spirit and atmosphere of each collection.

The new Moncler 1952 collection (above) was unveiled through a hypnotic video collage of geometric details, which was quite the contrast from the dreamy film that showcased Simone Rocha's offerings within an English garden in full bloom. Craig Green explored the sculptural tension of his pieces in an avant-garde clip, while the Noir Kei Ninomiya collection (below) was translated into a computerized reconstruction of a 3D virtual garment model. Very futuristic. Fragment's Hiroshi Fujiwara, on the other hand, went old school with an anime-style action video. 

Moncler Genius's second presentation is innovative, to say the least. It might even point to a direction that the rest of fashion might be heading to sooner than we think, if the fact that AI models are already fronting campaigns is any indication. But whether a virtual experience like this one actually enhances or disrupts our appreciation of the clothes is still something we'd have to reconsider, being in the Instagram age and all. For now, though, you can have a glimpse of the clothes shown at the presentation through good old static means in the gallery below:


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