Mytheresa Launches an Exclusive Fashion Film Tribute to Willy Bogner

Luxury online retailer Mytheresa is thrilled to add German heritage skiwear brand Bogner to its exceptional offering of activewear from the Fall/Winter ‘19 season on- wards.
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To celebrate the launch, Mytheresa and Bogner have collaborated on an exclusive fashion film pre- senting the label’s Fall/Winter ‘19 collection. The 45-second short film pays tribute to the brand’s owner Willy Bogner Junior, who directed and shot a similar sequence for the James Bond 007 – For your eyes only movie in 1981. The scene featured the Nordic ski champion chasing a four man bob- sleigh on ski at the bobsled of Cortina, moving faster than 50mph.

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While the exclusive fashion film opens on peaceful misty mountains, the camera follows German pro- fessional skier Alisa Krauss bravely skiing down the Olympic bobsled in Innsbruck, Austria. Filmed with drones and different camera angles capturing the speed and the adventurous descent of the young skier, the fashion film highlights the functionality and durability of Bogner ́s latest collection.

Bogner will be presented within a dedicated editorial story directed by Tjark Lienke, available globally on Mytheresa from December 4th onwards.

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What does it mean to you to be launching Bogner at Mytheresa?

It is a great joy and pride for us to be a part of the Mytheresa brand portfolio starting with this season. The collaboration with such a strong global retail partner enables our brand to grow its presence and introduce our skiwear offering to a new customer base.

The inspiration of the collaborative video was your contribution to the James Bond movies in which you skied down a bob slide. What do you think about this reference?

It is amazing to see this extraordinary experience from my past brought back to life and used as inspiration for the video storyline. The bobsled sequences were unique and even years later the memories remain really vivid.

What was special going down the bob slide with skis? Did you train for it?

The speed and the unpredictability of the icy bobsled track was truly challenging. At the same time we needed to get camera shots that were not completely blurry. For the chase scene I tried to ski down the ice track on a whim– and it worked! We had “emergency exits” cut into the walls of the ice track so I could leave the trail and slow down on the snow in case I became too fast. There was really no way to stop once I was in there on the ice.

You contribution to the James Bond movies was ground-breaking at the time since it was also linked to technical innovations. How challenging was the shooting of those brave action scenes back then?

It was extremely challenging! The camera-techniques were more or less Self-thought and tailored to the requirements of the James Bond movies. I used an overproportioned wide- angle 35mm-Panavison Camera in order to shoot the chase. It allowed us to get a wider angle in the pictures but at the same time the camera was large and quite heavy weighing in at 31 kilos.

To calmly ski down the slopes while dealing with all the previously mentioned difficulties was quite the adrenaline rush...

How did the director approach you?

This is a really nice and also quite emotional story: Ian Fleming, author of the Bond-series, loved to ski. Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli, the legendary producer of the Bond-movies, saw my movie “Skifaszination”. One day Cubby called me and said:” I have a problem: I want to film a chase-scene on skis but I cannot find anyone who is daring enough. You are able to ski with a Panavision-Camera, are you not?” This is how it all started.

What are the most important factors for good skiwear?

The most important features of good skiwear are of course functional high-tech materials which guarantee breathability and insulation, even in the extreme cold. But of course an outstanding and creative design-approach is essential in order to appeal to the customer.

Are there any recent innovations?

We are currently seeing a really exciting development in the sense, that our looks can be worn in any setting. No matter, if peek or city.

It seems like the Retro Ski-Look is back in trend. What do you think about that?

I personally think that it ́s great to see, that there is such a demand for popular styles from past decades again. The 70 ́s inspired overalls or the iconic stirrup-pants instantly come to mind. Both are part of our offering at Mytheresa.

Luxury Skiwear is becoming increasingly important for Mytheresa. What is unique for Bogner Skiwear?

The unique merger of sport and fashion into one brand defines Bogner: we are luxury sports fashion.

Bogner is an authentic German heritage brand – how did your father build the company and how did it change since you took over?

My father, Willy Bogner senior, founded the Willy Bogner Skivertrieb 1932 in Munich. Back then it was an import business for skis, equipment and knitwear from Norway. The company was formerly located in the backyard of textile retailer Feldmeier, which today is the well- known store Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck. The ski business became a fashion business, when my father married my mother, Maria Bogner. She decisively shaped the business over decades in her work as designer. The company became the brand that we know today, when I took over and my wife Sônia stepped into my mother’s footsteps: a global pioneer and trendsetter in sports fashion.

Are you still skiing?

I ski less than I used to but still with great joy.

What is/was your favourite place to ski?

I have skied down the Sonnenbichl mountain since my childhood so it is very special to me. St. Moritz in general feels like my second Ski-“home” and it served as the location for many of my ski action movies and stunts. I also feel very comfortable in the Kitzbühel alps. In addition there are wonderful deep-snow areas in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Mytheresa Presents: Bogner Winter 2019

About Bogner

Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA, based in Munich, is an internationally successful lifestyle company and the leading provider of exclusive sport fashion, luxurious sportswear and designer fashion. The company employs over 800 people worldwide and appears in over 50 countries with the Bogner (Woman, Man, Sport, Kids) and Bogner Fire Ice brands as well as licences. The company, which has existed since 1932 is led by CEO Andreas Baumgärtner, while the owner is Willy Bogner, the son of the founder. More informa- tion at bogner.com.

About Mytheresa

Mytheresa (www.mytheresa.com) is one of the world’s leading online stores for luxury fashion. Launched in 2006, we offer more than 200 top international brands, including Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Prada, Valentino and many more. The product selection boasts clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. In 2014, Mytheresa was acquired by the Neiman Marcus Group, a multibrand omni-channel fashion retailer.

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