Naked Sandals Are The Trend of Summer 2020

Perfect for a light, comfortable and stylish season.
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Naked sandals dominate most fashionista looks, bringing freshness and charm that the hottest months of the year deserve. Check out five styles of naked sandals that dominate the warm season!

Thin Strappy Sandals

Exquisite and full of freshness, these sandals bring a minimalist look, reminiscent of the style of the 90s and 2000s.


Sports Sandals

Comfort is the keyword for summer, but when aligned with style, it's even better. Sport sandals, especially nylon, return with everything this season, making them an excellent for the busiest days.


Snakeskin Sandals

Animal print is sexy! And the favorite version of the season is the classic snakeskin.


Sandals With Sculptural Heels

Designs with a twist call for sculptural leaps; after all, they are bold, bring an unusual touch, and become the key piece of the composition.


Transparent Sandals

The PVC-detailed sandals are once again catching the spotlight, bringing a relaxed and uncomplicated look, perfect for day trips.


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