Naturalis Biodiversity Center By Iris Van Herpen And Neutelings Riedijk

The new institution with nine exhibition pavilions, research facilities, laboratories and millions of objects of collectors of natural history has just opened.
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The biodiversity research center, designed by Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen and architect Neutelings Riedijk, has opened in Leiden. The new Naturalis Biodiversity Center offers a collection of forty-two million natural, historical objects, nine exhibition pavilions, and new research facilities and connected laboratories, and it's a true masterpiece of progress. The visionary Iris van Herpen uses technology and science in the fashion world, and her approach to design is often linked to architecture. Among the references for the structure are Naturalis DNA, fossil compositions, and the phenomenon of erosion. The entire museum is surrounded by a ribbon that drapes the architecture of Riedijk for the length of one kilometer, with different biomorphic textures and an artery that pulsates throughout its surface.


"The extraordinary Naturalis collection and the infinite freedom of the frozen shapes that I found in the archive, inspired me to explore the transport of time in the ever-changing dance of nature. The details of the erosion inside the rocks, re-sculpted by the water through the centuries and the eternally mysterious, the beauty of the fossils pushed me to drape and fold with stone instead of silk. Three-dimensional biomorphic patterns intertwine the inside and the outside of Naturalis, like the archeology of a dress." said Iris van Herpen.

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