Reese Witherspoon's incredible home in "Big Little Lies"

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If you're a fan of HBO 's big hit series , " Big Little Lies, " there's good news (well, aside from the fact that Season Two has just begun). The beautiful oceanfront property that Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Reese Witherspoon's cheeky character, calls home is currently available for seasonal rentals.

For $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 a night, you can enjoy time at the stunning Cape Cod-style property that boasts stunning seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and, of course, Picturesque views of the ocean. Although the television series is filmed in Monterey, California, the house is located in Malibu.

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Photo: Disclosure

In an interview with "Today Home," Stacy Clunies-Ross of Malibu Luxury Vacation Homes, whose family owns the property, has revealed that this is not the first time the house has attracted attention. It served as the setting for a series of Hollywood shows, from Hannah Montana to Diagnosis Murder, starring Dick Van Dyke. And because of its luxury amenities, countless celebrities have stayed home over the years. See below photos of the place:

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