New wish-bag models arrive at Serpui

Each item in the Serpui collection is carefully created by hand by a team of talented artisans. It is seen by the models full of delicacy, that is the registered DNA of the brand.
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New models have just landed in the curatorship and we decided to bring some curiosities behind the scenes of wish bags. Commanded by designer Serpui Marie, the label is concerned with all the processes: from the straw harvest to the production of the final piece, and this can all take months. Once the straw is harvested, as it is a natural fiber, it needs to be dried to dry properly, in order to avoid any deterioration caused by moisture. If the straw is dyed with vibrant colors, brand signature, this process will take a few more weeks until the straw is dried.

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When the raw material is ready to be woven, a team of talented artisans begins to work on the frames that will be interwoven. For the creation of each item in the collection, a craftsman can take from one week to three months, depending on the complexity of each design. This whole process makes each piece unique!

Meet the models:


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1608132776837370 bolsa serpui papagaio

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