On the Wish List: H&M x Sandra Mansour's Dreamy Collection

The fashion brand has teamed up with Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour for a collection dedicated to nature.
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Sandra Mansour is known for her dreamy and bold aesthetic - always with a modern coolness, handcrafted details and a great love for nature. Her collection for H&M was named Fleur du Soleil because of her fascination with the sunflower and the way in which this flower follows the sun from day to night. Dots, flowers and sunflower motifs enrich pure, delicate fabrics and emphasize craftsmanship, while the feminine silhouettes radiate strength and city edge. We love it!


Inspired by strong, feminine artists like Toyen, Dorothea Tanning, Lena Leclercq and Bibi Zogbé, and the beauty of nature, the collection features designs in a muted color palette, where handmade details, such as edgy ruffles and layers of romantic fabrics, add a youthful, invigorating effect. Monsour explains: "Poetry and painters inspired the choice of fabric - the dark laces, jacquards and embroidered organza. With the Fleur du Soleil collection, I want to talk to women around the world by sending a message of hope, something we really need it now."

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The Sandra Mansour x H&M collection will be available from August 6 at hm.com and in select stores worldwide.


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