Highlights from Louis Vuitton's Menswear FW19 Show

We revisit this year's Louis Vuitton's FW19 Menswear Fashion Show.
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Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall-Winter 2019 took to the runway back in January, with New York City as its backdrop. This is the designer's second menswear collection with Louis Vuitton and this year's show was much inspired by Michael Jackson. The singer's influence was apparent during the show, from the designs in the collection all the way to the show's Billie Jean-inspired set.

The show featured snug and layered outfits, many of which fit in well for the season, showcasing the neutral and colourful palettes that Abloh is known for. There was a whole lot to look out for during the lavish show, but here are some of the highlights from this season's runway. 


1. Double Jackets 

One common detail throughout the Fall-Winter 2019 collection was the double jackets, achieved through layering a short jacket over longer inner-pieces of the same colour, resulting in a comfortable and chic ensemble. 

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2. Military-Style Outfits

Models paraded down the runway in outfits bearing thick sashes and crest patches, inspired heavily by utilitarianism and military uniforms. 

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3. Flags

Flag details seemed to play an important part in this year's show. Some outfits were kept simple, while other pieces had large flags printed on in the same colour scheme as the clothing. One common feature was the melding together of different country flags, each representing the various countries of the members in Abloh's design team, celebrating diversity and inclusiveness once again - a common theme across his collections up till date.  

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4. Bedazzled Outfits

Decorated with sparkly embellishments, these sweaters and shirts caught our attention as they made their way down the runway. While Abloh's FW2019 collection comprised of more toned-down, neutral outfits, these definitely made it on the list of his more eye-catching outfits this season.


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5. Colourful Bags

Bags, with rainbow detail against black backgrounds, peppered the runway, along with the brand's classic bag models being given a translucent, bright, neon-coloured makeover.


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