Peter Lindbergh’s Final Project for Dior

The photographer, who passed away in September 2019, was one of Maison's closest collaborators.
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Seventy years of Dior history captured in the jungle of Times Square, and a world away from 30 Avenue Montaigne, the heart of the Maison. This is the concept of the ambitious and extraordinary project that German photographer Peter Lindbergh was determined to undertake. The brand, of course, made it possible by allowing more than 80 archive views to travel across the Atlantic. The result was nothing short of a beautiful tribute, released a few months after his death, the two-volume book Dior / Lindbergh.

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The book is a powerful game of contrasts expertly tamed to highlight the architectural silhouettes and precious materials through almost textured black and white images.

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The first volume of the book, titled New York, shows the 70-year history of the brand's creations captured by Lindbergh during his incredible New York street rehearsal in October 2018. The second, titled Archives, has more than 100 images made by Peter celebrating Dior's elegance, published over the past 30 years in various places around the world.

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Both volumes are published by Taschen Publishing.

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