Power and seduction

Emerging through unconventional contrasts and monochrome games, this season Fendi is mixing cashmere and leather, leather and lace. Venturini's intelligent silhouettes dictate a provocative but moderate woman.
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Plotting the powerful femininity, Silvia Venturini Fendi, delves into the concept of "subtlety in power" where the polarities of color and texture are prescribed in a range of smooth, neutral gray grays against pastel tones and the iconic yellow FENDI. The making of its prevailing pieces are built around a cut waist; Flared coats, burnished and high octane sacks are glued through the bodice with the shoulders moving to a flat point. Similarly, its voluptuous shapes are deployed in soft loop sweaters, leather skirts and organza blouses that counteract the strict organic paisley line and leopard spots - made of brushed wool and intarsia fur. Venturini's intelligent silhouettes dictate a provocative but moderate woman.


On the other hand, the proposal of accessories is enough and fresh, feeding the feeling of desire in each of the pieces. Of three sizes, the Peekaboo bag takes up an accordion canvas delicately confused in various materials ranging from textiles to exotic skins, its seams and structure maintains the key opening ease that gives the name to this model. The Baguette is dressed in hand-woven wool together with leather shopping bags inspired by the vintage graphic image of the Italian firm.


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