Prabal Gurung Fall 2019

"Suitcases of the World" is the title of Gurung's Fall 2019 collection, celebrating cultures and heritages across the world.
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Photo credit: Kevin Tachman via Getty Images

Before the presentation of his new collection on Sunday night’s New York fashion week show, Nepalese-American designer Prabal Gurung told sources that he would be calling his collection “Suitcases of the World.” As a globetrotter who has been through Kathmandu, India, China, and produces his luxury line in New York, his experiences with the world and beyond have resulted in his nomad inspired collection which seeks to redefine fashion through a more culturally celebratory, and politically direct point of view.

A vagabond’s voyage from Europe to South Asia, for Gurung, has resulted in a collage of outstanding prints, richly infused colors of Valentine’s day reds, electric pinks, neon blues, and sunshine yellows. These brightly splashed hues mixed beautifully with Gurung’s seductive designs of unbuttoned blazers, silky tiered tulle skirts and lace trimmed Spring dresses. Between a striped, multi printed patchwork, floral embroidered evening dress,  and a long, silky pink gowns with playhouse ruffles, Gurung is reflective of a master in color presenting styles between blouses, gowns and trousers with cuts and prints that has turned his brand into an enchanting wonder on the runway.

The designer’s spiritual journey led him not only through a rainbow of designs but also resulted in a sort of “hippie trail” aura, pleasing the free-spirited bohemian glowing in us all. His suitcase opened up to observers, offering subtle cocktail outfits, sporty gear, and every day, fifth avenue perusing, separates. He emphasized his pursuit of a wider world beyond New York through an array of illustrations of the Taj Mahal amongst other South Asian landmarks across the pieces.

A large part of the collection was anchored in athleisure with Gurung modeling his dreams of the styles that he envisioned while traversing heritage and culture on the other side of this world. This meant touches of tye dye underneath neon bombers, safari-trekking approved cargo pants, and long, quilted duvet coats accessorized by simple, black belts adding for a delicately feminine touch.


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