Reflections! Cris Barros Presents Four Capsule Collections for Spring

The moment that makes us think about life as a whole gives rise to pieces full of meaning and subtlety.
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The moment we have faced at home has served as a real period of reflection for many people, whether it's rethinking our philosophy of life, search of new inspirations, or changes in daily life. Despite the difficulties, the last few months have taught us to focus and value the things that really matter, and unity, patience, perseverance, sweetness, gratitude, lightness, spontaneity, simplicity, and faith can be highlighted. So, looking for even more meaning in all of her creations, Cris Barros has just launched four capsule collections for the Spring season, full of meaning.

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Entitled PaintingTiger's EyeWind, and Sea, they make us look inland and embark on a universe rich in symbols through unique shapes and textures. Flowers and other elements of nature have become embroidered, graphic prints of animals permeate the dresses and manteaux.

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Details of handmade embroidery following the smock stitch technique appear on a long dress and matching mules. Set of pants and a shirt, lightly transparent lace and velvet pieces coordinate with each other in a colour chart ranging from shitake, off-white, deep blue, lilac to seaweed green.

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And if you believed that only pieces of clothing would be part of these incredible collections, good news: the spotlight goes to the Champignon bag of the limited edition line. Handmade by reusing wood, sculpted one by one and painted by hand, they bring the optimism and lightness typical of the brand.

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The capsules will be launched throughout the month - with the first already available in stores, in the brand's e-commerce and in the main multi-brands in the country.

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Photo: Josefina Bietti

Creative Direction: Cris Barros

Art Direction: Renata Corrêa and Roberta Cardoso

Styling: Renata Corrêa

Beauty: Guilherme Casagrande

Set Design: João Arpi

Marketing: Lisa Debatty and Leticia Engel

Painting: Adriana and Carlota Atelier

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