Salvatore Ferragamo Holiday 2021: It's Movie O'clock!

Feeling excited for the upcoming festival season, enjoying moments of joy and rejoicing together: Salvatore Ferragamo has decided to change the moment in the upcoming 2021 festival campaign to bring winter break come to us earlier.
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It's Movie O'Clock! A place to store all the photos and videos dedicated to us during the time that anyone expects and loves the most. All the preparation and the joy, the anticipation that sparked the dream in the sparkling and vivid colors of the Ferragamo accessories, the desire to once again create memories together.

The scene takes place in an Italian villa that you can picture right in your mind, like images of houses that you will come across anywhere, young and potential actors appear in the battle. Let's have dinner and watch movies together. Stick together and meet by a mysterious invitation in three different episodes; Italy, China and Korea - the last two episodes will be revealed later.

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In the Ferragamo Holiday collection, talented actors, composers, and musicians strip off their work clothes for designer sets, footwear and accessories that exude festive spirit and glamor.

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The participation of six talented Italians — Pilar Fogliati, Tezeta Abraham, Hildegard De Stefano, Guglielmo Poggi, Josef Gjura and Carlo Palmeri — and Jelly Lin and SEULGI, the brand's two new Global Ambassadors, is the highlight.

With a uniform transmission of cinematic language, the short film directed by Barbara Anastacio gives the audience a glimpse of privacy, warmth and shared moments. Emotions run through the series of images that create the campaign's message: the power of friendship, the intensity of connection. A constant stream of images emerged alongside the unmistakable symbols of the brand and its heritage, and in the end, the film chosen for the night ended with an indelible conclusion: "Salvatore" - The shoemaker of dreams.

Joyful, connected and filled with happiness: this is the friendship that has always been seen in Ferragamo. In this story, friendship is a beauty, a dream that embodies the deepest values of the brand. For the 2021 festive season, Ferragamo cherishes moments that make us pause for a moment to focus on details, gestures, smiles, hugs..., because details are what make a whole picture.

"The Gift House" by Ferragamo


For Ferragamo, there is neither craftsmanship nor beauty without innovation: from November the brand will inaugurate the “Ferragamo Gift House”, a digitized immersive space inspired by the owner. The theme of the Holiday 2021 campaign. Using sophisticated 3D animation techniques, the campaign villa was created to become a venue for Ferragamo lovers, free to explore all the rooms and have can see firsthand the Holiday 2021 RTW collection and accessories. A highly inclusive experience that makes each user the protagonist of the campaign, thanks to the integration of brand representation available via chat, call or video call to support in-store customers online and during online purchases.

The Holiday 2021 collection will be the star of the display windows in Salvatore Ferragamo flagship stores, even online and all digital channels of the house and its partners.

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