The most famous Lithuanian designers have created 18 unique "Barbies"

She is not like her peers. Always young. Always stylish. She smiles and does not head for imperfect body lines.
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Barbie is adorned with fashion gems such as Gucci, Versace, Moschino, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana or Vera Wang and so far she is the most influential doll in the wide fashion world. It is obvious that the barbarity of these positions is not going to be forgotten at least in the nearest future, and the 18th anniversary of the Lithuanian fashion designers took the opportunity to create the most beautiful decoration for the 60s. In every little piece of art, the story of a doll that lasts more than half a century.

AGNĖ KUZMICKAITĖ - "Commemorative Dress with Butterflies": a dress that reflects the creative design and brand of the designer - butterflies. Since this dress is appreciated not only in Lithuania but also abroad, it is likely that the Barbie will like it as well.

1552134482668600 7
Image created by A. Kuzmickaitė

MÁS 924: “Barbie's dress is like a nostalgic index that replicates one of the other 919 models of the 2019 collection. The inspiration for the collection - Las Vegas and vintage-style movies. The dominant dress accents are feathers, minimalism and eclectic constructions, while the proposed accessory is a hat.

1552134483056203 02
Image created by MÁS 924

INGRIDA RUTKAUSKAITĖ-NAUJOKĖ, INGRID INJI - "The Flower Bride": "Many know me as a designer creating dresses with petals, which will be not only the image of the Barbie, but also the introduction to my new collection that I plan to present in the spring."

1552134483356265 03
Image created by Ingrid Inži

LAURA DAILIDĖNIENĖ, LAURA DAILI - Sharp Dress: a festive, unique bridal dress that creates an unexpected and distinctive image with its haircut. It is a dress that is decorated not only by Lithuanian stars but also by foreign stars.

1552134483648253 8
Image created by Laura Daili

BODY WHEELS - "Bridal Miniatures": Modernity, Courage, Elegance, Sexuality, Quality, and at the same time Highly eloquent Simplicity - all close to the stylist's work. The author of the masterpieces has never sewn on dolls but admits that it is a challenge that is equivalent to an experiment.

1552134483924044 99
Image created by K. Rimdzis

AIRIDA SKRICKIENE, AIRIDA SKRICK - "Cowboy Glamor": "I see Barbie as a strong and ambitious personality, very independent, or even in a good sense - wild. So the image of our Barbie was created by emphasizing these qualities. ”

1552134484250585 000
Image created by Airida Skrick

DIANA PAUKŠTYTĖ - "Refined Modernism": Advocate of avant-garde and modernism, the admirer of bold decisions, which, in an effort to reveal the inner world of man, has torn off all his masks.

1552134484568262 0002
Image created by D. Paukštytė

RAMUNE PIEKAUTAITĖ - "Bride": a doll with a bride's dress - like a wedding symbol, which means the triumph of beauty and joy.

1552134484878959 0004
Image created by R. Piekautaitė

EGIDIJ RAINYS -"Sensual and Easy Bride": a Barbie dressed up as a designer's dress as an angel, light white and fluffy. Elegance and femininity are the greatest bridal jewellery.

1552134485148551 0003
Image created by E. Rainis

IEVA DAUGIRDAITĖ - "Tarzan": Designer's client - strong, confident, inspiring, how real life could be a Barbie. Maybe that's why a wild image that helps to unfold and express itself is suitable for her.

1552134485496552 005
Image created by I. Daugirdaitė

RAIMONDA SILĖ - "Wedding / Evening Style": "I have gorgeous and luxurious clothes, so the Barbie dress is decorated with Swarovski crystals and pearls. The cost of the dress is great, but due to its small size, this idea has become easier to implement. ”

1552134485886195 0006
Image created by R. Silė

AURELIJA BELIAKAITĖ - "White without Weddings": symbolizes unconventional weddings, where the Barbie emits a modern image without changing the classic princess image. The red detail symbolizes the cause of the wedding - the love and the mystery of surprise.

1552134486151797 0007
Image created by A. Beliakaitė

LILY LARIONOVA - "The Black Barbie": "I wanted to have a modern and very courageous present. As a fan of the minimalist style, I chose very clear lines, did not overload the details, and revealed what is characteristic to me in creation. Black is always a good idea! "

1552134486432276 008
Image created by L. Larionova

MILDA BORDEAUX - "Mermaid-Knitted Dress": Because the Barbie is brave and proud of her body, that's why it is decorated with a mermaid-style knitted dress, which wraps around the body, and spreads from the knees sharply like a mermaid's tail.

1552134486709970 0009
Image created by M. Bordeaux

VIKTORIA JAKUČINSKAITĖ, TIULIO FĖJA - “Mirror to our Creation”: “I wanted to create an extraordinary dress for the bride, who respects classical style, but who wants to remain exceptional and memorable. Dress - a complex grey colour that resembles fog. Skirt - translucent and light, but filling everything around.

1552134487067034 10
Image created by Tula Fairy

AIDA KAPOČIŪTĖ - "Modern Bride": A modern bride with a dream wedding dress helps to reveal the daily work of a designer.

1552134487361060 11
Image created by A. Kapočiūtė

KRISTINA KRUOPIENYTĖ - "Evening Icon": The tailor's dynasty spokesman turned the doll into a real evening icon that adorns a black elegant, graceful and very promising dress.

1552134487645390 12
Image created by K. Kruopienytė

ROBERTAS KALINKIN - "The Real Woman": The image of a Barbie is very realistic, it transmits a message and reminds that real people are making real changes, and the Barbie brand has a level to create real icons.

1552134487962491 13
Image created by R. Kalinkin

You can visit the exhibition of these Barbies: Panorama PLC

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