Special showcase for RFW hosting versatile brands from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

Showroom INTRO is hosting special showcase dedicated to Riga Fashion Week – to share with you new hot stuff in town! Therefore new brands are brought to the spotlight.
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Showroom INTRO is presenting a pop-up showcase RFW x INTRO during 29th Oct – 16th Nov. 


The RFW x INTRO showcase is a great chance to meet 15 versatile brands from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Even though showroom works side by side with press and buyers, it is warmly welcoming everyone. Collections are presented for seeing and fitting. If something seems interesting, showroom will book orders as well. It is like a new way of shopping – everyone are welcome to see, touch, try – almost as windowshopping, but with no pressure to take the piece home with you. 


Get seduced by the juicy patterns of The Korsars or silky art on Miurio quality scarfs, spark up your outfit with Tiina Talumees couture dress, or wrap yourself into dreamy fluffy knitwear that is made as an experimental collection (which arrived just back from world wide competition Mittel Moda) by the young talent Anželika Mändmaa. Another young talent to keep eye on is lately featured in Not Just a Label – Romija Štāle  – approaching social and human related topics throughout assembling flat textiles into sculptural wearables. Alpaka is raising the bar in luxury woollen goods. Zefyrasfrom Lithuania will complete their rack with the freshest stuff after show taking place on Saturday. K u u l and be-withoffer urban vibes with best quality – oeco certified textiles in edgy streetwear. By the way – clothes of be-with have special pocket for encouraging closeness and the passage has patent certification by EU IPO (EU Intellectual Property Office). This is a concept that seems rather simple but is so necessary to be reminded daily. Dace Bahmann outlines the nuances of the 80’s, complemented by the Victorian era elements – what a combination of inspiration!


No outfit is complete without accessories – elegant Agnes Veski Jewelery has a tender spark coming from the Nordic – those MOSS earrings just have to be looked closely. Lisa Kroeber on the other hand surprises with bright colours on minimalistic forms. Seco - a treat for minimalism lovers as on the other hand trendy hoji surprises us with bold but super light earrings. For more sophisticated taste LUMMUS will provide silver elegance complemented with pearls.

1572508941315678 intro agnes veski jewelry 1 1572508941498432 intro agnes veski jewelry 2
1572508941520675 intro agnes veski jewelry 4 1572508941694059 intro agnes veski jewelry 5
1572508941871983 intro agnes veski jewelry 6
Agnes Veski Jewelery
1572531265465972 intro alpaka 1 1572531265700173 intro alpaka 2
1572531265879281 intro alpaka 3
1572531284074332 intro andzela mandmaa 1 1572531284265204 intro andzela mandmaa 2
Anželika Mändmaa
1572531412106082 intro be with 1 1572531412278809 intro be with 2
1572531431640838 intro hoji
1572531455100543 intro k u u l 1 1572531455274447 intro k u u l 2
1572531455520222 intro k u u l 3
k u u l
1572531476486807 intro korsar 1 1572531476676856 intro korsar 2
The Korsar
1572531509214383 intro miurio 1 1572531509414922 intro miurio 2
1572531509618216 intro miurio 4 1572531509793536 intro miurio 5
1572531509984042 intro miurio 8
1572531537466467 intro romija stale 1 1572531537893329 intro romija stale 2
Romija Štāle
1572531567186100 intro seco
1572531614940131 intro tiina talumees 2 1572531615192653 intro tiina talumees 1
1572531615594221 intro tiina talumees 3
Tiina Talumees
1572531670551629 intro zefyras 1 1572531670746142 intro zefyras 2
1572531670894239 intro zefyras 3

Special RFW x INTRO showcase is opened until 16th of November when the final big shopping day will be held as well.

INTRO is located in the very heart of Riga – in shopping centre Galleria Riga (Džirnavu iela 67), 4th floor. It is possible to keep track on INTRO activites and the list of brands via Facebook and Instagram @showroomintro.

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