Stirfood: Know The Diet That Made Adele Lose So Many Pounds

The diet is based on the consumption of sirtuin activating foods, enzymes that have rejuvenating properties and regulate cell metabolism.
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About two weeks ago, several photos of British singer Adele were posted on the Internet and a specific subject gained worldwide attention: the star's great weight loss.

At 31, on vacation in the Caribbean with close friends, including Harry Styles, she was spotted wearing a super smiling mini dress on a beach on Anguilla Island and her thinness caught the eye of fans accustomed to another image.

According to the British press, Adele would have lost between 45 and 65 pounds from a diet called “stirfood”, known to reduce appetite but at the same time allow the consumption of red wine and chocolate.

The eating plan includes meals rich in sirtuin, an enzyme class that protects body cells from death and inflammation due to illness. Furthermore, sirtuins appear to be related to anti-aging and stress resistance, as well as to regulation of metabolic processes in low calorie situations.

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