Strapless: the craze now is to carry your bag in your arms

The current bag is max and has a specific way of being used. Look!
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Street style is very polarized in this international fashion week season. On the one hand, the team of mini bags - which appear not only in keychain versions but also used as pendants for necklaces - on the other, the team of maximalist it-bags.

This second version still gets padded textures and vibrant colors, but they are not used like any bag: the styling trick this time is to carry your it-bag in your arms, that's right, without the straps.

Macro versions of clutches appear even if the accessory already has handles! Difficult to load and little utilitarian? Yes! But the street fashion stars don't seem to suffer from the accessory and continue to do well in the streets of New York, London and Milan. See below how our muses are wearing.

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Vivid tones

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Straight lines

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