Summer 2020 Couture Swimwear By Adriana Degreas

Adriana Degreas is one of the main luxury swimwear brands around the world, known for its "Bain Couture", tailor-made with unique designs. Its impeccable aesthetics, its creative designs and these details translate into emblematic pieces that mix the cool-chic Brazilian heritage with innovative shapes and cuts with a New Vintage touch.
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Adriana Degreas is one of the leading luxury swimwear brands in the world, she is known by her Bain Couture, the custom made of unique designs. Her impeccable aesthetics, creative designs and attention to details results in iconic pieces that mixes cool-chic Brazilian heritage with innovative shapes and cuts always with her New Vintage touch – contemporary pieces for remarkable women with a retro-twist.

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The Designer

Adriana was raised between a small fabric factory and an antiquary – both of her family – and found out her passion for the haute couture amongst silks and vintage designer pieces, developing a sophisticated taste and an accurate eye for luxury. 


After graduating in Industrial Design, she began working for a traditional swimwear factory in Brazil, Beira Mar, which had over 60 years of history. Adriana also designed collections for more than 20 fashion companies, assimilating the business aspects of trade as well as producing exclusive pieces for magazines like Vogue, Elle and L’Officiel. 


In 2001, Adriana created her own brand, bringing the luxury category to beachwear. With a lifestyle proposal, featuring classic creations, a Brazilian twist and an unusual provocation in the segment, the brand began to gain repercussion and has achieved great notoriety, being invited to participate in various fashion shows, holding the most influential women as its clients. All these feats have been endorsed by fashion editors from around the world who describe Adriana’s work as both irreverent and avant-garde.

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The Product

Each individual Adriana Degreas piece is made to the highest quality standards with maximum attention to details. The highly skilled workforce is based in the brand’s own factory in São Paulo, Brazil, where they work with the best raw materials on the market, with new technology and the finest fabrics. 


The pieces receive minutely calculated modelling to achieve the perfect fit and enable the highest level of comfort, essential for leisure time. The unique prints and special trims reinforce the sophistication of the brand. Adriana Degreas’ greatest goal is to continuously offer products that are as close to perfection as possible, even upside down.

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Bain Couture

Adriana Degreas is one of the leading luxury beachwear brands in the world. Widely recognized for her aeshtetics, unique designs and flattering looks. 


Adriana was the first designer to create the Bain Couture Concept – sophisticated swimwear custom made developed and executed to deliver one-of-a-kind experience to efforteless chic women to wear poolside and beyond.

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No Gender

Adriana Degreas is known for her irreverent designs and premium materials, so it comes with no surprise the fact that her pieces can transit through diferent fashion and luxury scenarios, captivating also men to explore their relation to fashion, form and fabric.

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