Sweet Talk: Helena Bordon On Max Mara, Style, And Princess Diana

The Brazilian social media star and businesswoman talked to L'Officiel Singapore about style while she was in Berlin for Max Mara's Cruise 2020 show
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How was your experience at Max Mara's Resort 2020 show?

It was unforgettable. From the first night with the Ute Lemper's performance to the night of the show, everything was breathtaking. And seeing the collection inside the Neues Museum is something I will never forget.


Which piece from Max Mara's Resort 2020 collection is your must-have?

The golden Teddy Coat. 

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Who are your style inspirations?

The late Princess Diana will always be an inspiration. I also love Kate Moss' style - super cool and rock and roll. And my mother. As you can tell, I appreciate lots of different styles.


What is your favourite holiday destination?

Trancoso, in the north of Brazil, is paradise. I have been going there for so many years. Best place in the world for New Year's, I must say. 


What are your must-haves when you travel? 

A good Max Mara camel coat because you never know how the weather can be and how fast it can change. A good pair of black stilettos. My favourite By Helena Bordon jeans and white T-shirts - I'm obsessed with them!

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Max Mara's coats are perfect for colder destinations. Do you have a favourite?

I do love all of them, because they are chic, and easy to mix with the other pieces in my wardrobe. I would pick a cashmere coat when it's cold, and the Teddy coat when I have to step up the style game. 


If you could throw a party and invite anybody you want (alive or dead), who would you invite and what would be the dress code?

I would do a Great Gatsby party and invite Oprah, Andy Warhol, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, Kris Jenner, and Obama. 


What are your tips for festive dressing?

I love a great dress with a good fit. And the perfect tailored suit. You'd never go wrong with these. 


What are your favourite accessories to wear to a party?

Always wear an amazing pair of shoes but something that won't kill your feet. Comfort really is the key to enjoying a good party.


What is a festive makeup look that you love?

A cat-eye, glowy skin, and nude lips. 

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