The Other Berlin

The mythopoetic oftentimes supersedes the actual, even in the minds of those who exist in the very essence of the story in question.
Blazer: Victoria Beckham; Top: Nabil Nayal; Skirt and boots: Marcel Ostertag; Bag: Mulberry

Berlin has become more than a city. She's a place of romance and intrigue; solace and sordidness in equal measure. Yet for those who lives here, so you can be yourself. Free from the overexaggerated expectations and ideas.

Dianne delights in the simple pleasures of Prenzlauer Berg. A world apart from ancient memory of walls and au courant epigrams of Berghainian bliss. 

Sometimes, the perfect frock and the perfect local cafe are the true soul of Berlin.
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Cardigan: Ermano Scervino; Shirt Marcel von Berlin; Skirt Nabil Nayal; Bracelets: DIOR; Bag: Miu Miu; Shoes: Dorothee Schumacher


Photographer: Rachel Jiam @rachsuann

Stylist: Davor Jelusic @davorjelusic

Make-up and hair: Isabel Montoya @isabel_artist

Model: Dianá @iconic_mgmt

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Turtleneck: Gucci; Pants: Etro; Boots: Chanel
1550669835860665 dsc 35301550669836450116 dsc 3665
Pants: Odeeh; Shirt: Balenciaga; Hat: DIOR; Coat: Maison Margiela; Shoes: Marcel Ostertag/Coat: Hugo Boos; Boots: Marcel Ostertag

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