The Trench Coat. A Weekend Max Mara Icon. A New Classic.

Wearing a trench coat means telling a story, it means knowing how to embrace the flair of the moment.

Ever since Weekend Max Mara originated in the 80s a trench coat has featured in every collection. Over the seasons it has become the perfect piece to have in one’s wardrobe. An It-coat. Seasonal pieces adjusting shapes and detailing to be in step with the zeitgeist but always remaining faithful in their character, quality and craftsmanship. Style legacy. From the past to the future and beyond.

A Weekend Max Mara trench coat inspires different roles to play: you may be running in the rain or on the way to the theatre. You could be travelling to a destination you have always wished to explore.

New seasonal shapes and cuts for timeless classics. Style and re-style to suit your mood and plans for the day. A versatile wardrobe must-have that can be dressed up or down. Whichever way you choose to wear your trench coat, it remains a statement piece.

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