Trendy Autumn & Winter Accessories To Spice Up Your Look

Accessories are the key to a complete and chic look.
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Details are like magic - they can adapt your outfit to the new season, turn a work dress into an evening look, or even create new characters. Therefore, it is no wonder that, after a heated summer, our autumn fashion becomes alive with the help of bold accessories.

Autumn 2019 is full of old, vintage hints. Also, the palette of this season is very diverse, and there is something for everybody's taste. The best part is that you won't have to buy new accessories - quite a few accessories trends are from the past, and it is very likely they already hide in your closet.

It may get quite complicated when it comes to accessories, as you shouldn't overdo it. On the other hand, there are eccentric personalities such as Gucci's Alessandro Michele, who completely ignores the well-known rule of less is more. If it fits your aesthetic, go for bold and bright accessories, but, same as Michele, remember not to go beyond good taste! There are some rules about combining accessories; however, if you do not feel very confident, you can always stick to classic accents and wear them in moderation.


This autumn, cross-body shoulder straps will have a special place in the accessory ranks. Although they have been considered a classic for some time, cross-body bags are returning to our must-have lists this year.


This handbag returns straight from the 1970s era, bringing back lots of elegance. In 1975, it was a sign of style and wealth of the French bourgeoisie, who were famous for their sleek style and didn't carry handbags. This small accessory is convenient, being suitable for both everyday and festive outfits.


Depending on colour, detail, and size, you can use the bag for any occasion. For example, an everyday leather cross-body of any colour will fit perfectly with an elegant and minimalistic aesthetic. If you decide to wear jeans and a blazer or stylish shirt, you can match the colour of the handbag to a belt. Avoid excessive, deformed details, as these handbags are usually associated with elegance and refined taste. When you're ready for a party or dinner, choose lightweight clothing such as dresses that will outweigh the harshness of these handbags.


This autumn, we lift our belts a little higher and wear them on the waist. It is easy to see that the inspiration for this trend was drawn from the late twentieth century, as it is reminiscent of the era of supermodels when no look could do without a bee's waistline.


Today, there are plenty of options when it comes to belts. This trend is not whimsical, but the belt must flatter you, for example, wearing it when trying to shape wide fabrics or enlarged shapes. When you are wearing an oversized dress, coat or sweater, long, wide shirt or blazer, try defining a waistline, as it will be great for layering clothes. Belts are a great way to create or emphasise an hourglass silhouette.


Recently, more and more chain jewellery has appeared on the catwalks. This time, it is subtle, maybe decorated with some details, but very elegant. Besides, this accessory is extremely versatile and easy to mix with other jewellery. Choose the metal that best fits your skin tone, but painted metal such as white or matte black has also been trending. In the stores, you can even find massive ceramic chains, which can be the highlight of the outfit.

When choosing a chain, consider the neckline of your outerwear. If you wear a circular one, choose large, round chains, but if you usually opt for V-shaped necklines, look for one that has a pendant - it will weigh the chain down a little bit and fill the entire neckline, fitting the shape perfectly.

What's more this season, there is a wide range of full sets of jewellery - extra-large, full of detail and bright. Sets include things such as earrings, pendants, and ... accessories for hair buns. Brands such as Chanel, Franco Moschino, and Paco Rabanne have made matching jewellery for hair, and it is impossible not to like it.

Excessive, hyperbolised glamour has never been so tasteful, and it will be hard to make a mistake here regarding the size and number of jewellery. Still, it must be remembered that all jewellery must be the same color and have the same details. These can be ridiculously large metals, palm-sized plates, a chain of cobwebs - but they must look good together. When adjusting accessories, you don't have to pay too much attention to the shape of the neckline - the neck can be heavily adorned and still look good. In this case, it is best to match the colours of the jewellery with the details of the outfit.

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