Underground Queer Brands to Support All Year Long

These are our favourite new labels to support during pride month.
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COVID-19 might have put a halt on a large number of in-person pride celebrations, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate. Though we may not be able to celebrate the way we want to, we recognise that the heart of pride is about uplifting everyone within the LGBTQ+ community. In light of missing the annual pride parade, we have compiled a list of our favorite up-and-coming queer labels to help you look stunning for all your virtual zoom celebrations and socially-distanced gatherings. Scroll through to see our favorite fabulous small businesses, and support them not only in June, but all year long!

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Photo via Instagram / @troydylanallen

Troy is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. He creates voluminous, non-binary clothing made of tulle to be worn by anyone and everyone. Starting his brand by accident, Allen originally intended for his clothing to be solely worn by himself as party-wear. Yet, his fun and popular colors and silhouettes were quickly noticed by his peers and a demand for his designs began. Since his start, Allen has dressed queer artists such as comedian Benito Skinner and dancer Harper Waters. Eponymously named Troy Dylan Allen, the brand emphasises on the concept of inclusivity through designs made for movement and celebration.

Shamedaisy Dress, 306, Troy Dylan Allen


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Photo via houseofenid.com

Designer Enid Almanza created the House of Enid in Houston in 2014. Almanza uses his unique sense of style to create pieces that capture the world around him. Influenced by gothic romanticism and the baroque era, Almanza brings a fresh perspective to the design space.

Pink Mohawk Headpiece, €440, House of Enid


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Photo via Instagram / @caseyyalater

As a designer based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the queer community and art of collaboration heavily influence Caldwell’s work. Since his start, Caldwell has seen success as he has designed pieces for Vogue Italia, The Hunger Games, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Many of Caldwell’s designs utilize unconventional materials such as zip ties, which help to create innovative, conceptual looks.

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Photo via Instagram / @jamilxmoreno

Jamil Moreno is the owner and creative director of Jamil Moreno Studio, based in Brooklyn, New York. Going beyond traditional silhouettes, Moreno aims to push the boundaries around the notions of gender. Jamil is a favourite amongst many famous LGBTQ+ artists, designing for singer Troye Sivan, renowned drag artist Aquaria, and comedian Benito Skinner.

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Photo via wesleyberryman.com

Designer Wesley Berryman adds a gothic, vampy flair to his designs. Berryman specialises in an exaggerated, corseted silhouette, which gained him popularity amongst influential creatives such as singer Kim Petras and make-up guru Nikita Dragun. As an up-and-coming designer, Berryman stays authentic to his Tennessee roots, always providing a nod to western style.

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Photo via michaelbrambila.com

The designer Michael Brambila uses sparkly, crystallised fabric as a motif throughout this label. Solidifying his signature fabric, Brambila has made anything from lingerie, harnesses, belts, and accessories. Brambila, like many of his peers, also aims to produce “genderless clothing defined by queerness and sexuality, made for all lovers of opulence, beauty, and glamour.”

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Photo via officialrebrand.shop

Official Rebrand was created by non-binary designer MI Leggett in 2017, and works to transform clothing using deadstock and vintage garments to bring their designs to life. Leggett shows an interest in sustainability through their use of graphic artwork to reconstruct garments that would otherwise be discarded and regenerate them past gender norms. Leggett is using their label as a platform to advocate for social and climatological reform.

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Photo via gmbhgmbh.eu

As a brand owned by queer people of colour based in Berlin, GmbH’s pulls inspiration from the underground club scene and other cross-cultural references. In addition to contributing to fighting racism within Europe by donating to various social justice reform groups, GmbH is committed to helping the environment by sourcing 90% of recycled materials used in construction.

Badu SS20 Long-Sleeved Mesh Dress, €415, GmbH


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Photo via phlemuns.com

This luxe ready-to-wear label is founded on the principles of unisex clothing and sustainability and mixes utilitarian aesthetics, and atypical silhouettes. Created by a self-proclaimed fashion outcast and LA-based designer James Flemons, Phlemuns hopes to create pieces that people will want to keep forever to counteract the harmful environmental effects of the fast fashion industry.

Sand Crop Sweater, €136, Phlemuns

Sand Sweat Pant, €136, Phlemuns 


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Photo via depop.com/nosesso

No Sesso comes from the Italian phrase meaning “no sex/gender.” Founders Pierre Davis and Arin Hayes focus on uplifting the Black community and being accessible to all through their clothing. Most recently, No Sesso staged its latest fashion show on Instagram for all to see rather than having an invitation-only event. In addition to being community-focused, No Sesso is also sustainable using thrifted materials in its garments. This label specialises in using textiles as a way to create logos and artwork on their clothing.

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Automic Gold is a trans-owned jewellery brand, based in New York, focusing on creating “radically wearable fine jewellery for everyone” through its use of affordable prices, and ethically-sourced materials. Creating sleek and minimal pieces, customers of Automic Gold can look forward to timeless and easy-to-style designs.

Threader Earrings, €170, Automic Gold


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