Van Bricht: the new Belgian haute horlogerie to know

Synonymous with fine watchmaking and artisanal know-how, the very young Belgian house Van Bright intends to shake up the world of watchmaking in Belgium. Who's at its head? Two of the best craftsmen, including the youngest guillocheur in the world. Focus.
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Originally, there was Sébastien Lambricht, a 29-year-old watch enthusiast, and Bernard Van Ormelingen, 21, specializing in hand-guilloché watch dials, making him the youngest guillocheur in the world. Together, they gave birth to the Haute Horlogerie Van Bricht  whose name comes from the contraction of their two surnames.

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© Ван Брихт

After having learned their trade with the most prestigious watchmakers in the world: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Bell & Ross, Louis Erard or Maison Ressence for Sébastien, Jaeger-LeCoultre for Bernard, the two men met under the impetus of one of their common watchmaking teachers. Result? Winning combo, since the two enthusiasts will immediately sympathize.

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© Ван Брихт

After getting down to restoring old watches, the two young Belgians decided to create their own brand and a new model of watch where you can find hand guilloche, engraving and a certain personalization. A completely hand-made production, witness to exceptional know-how. Today, the duo thus presents their first watch called Old Mind, featuring an exclusive prototype in its tourbillon movement, based on a Swiss movement, which has been entirely revisited, redesigned, reworked and adapted to the particular casing system of the watch. Most ? The back of the case is decorated by hand by Alain Lovenberg, one of the last to know the artisanal engraving techniques, and provided with a crystal sapphire crystal allowing to see the movement, modified according to the design of Philippe Narbel. The watch strap is made of Kudu and ostrich leather, hand-sewn and made in Italy. On the production side, each model is made on request, and requires eight months of manufacture from the time of ordering via the website. The price ? 45,000 euros.

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© Ван Брихт

A new conception of 100% Belgian luxury watchmaking, like a breath of fresh air against the backdrop of "back to the future." Their ambition is to project themselves into the future based on their ancestral knowledge.



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