Virginie Hucher: A Female Artistic Manifesto

Her work has metaphysical dimensions and deals with the relationship between the body and the world, the soul, nature, the plant and the organic.
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French artist Virginie Hucher's practice is multidisciplinary and is available in drawing, painting, photography, performance and ceramics. Her work has metaphysical dimensions and deals with the relationship between the body and the world, the soul, nature, the plant and the organic. Her works are also intimately linked to contemporary dance that she has practiced since her childhood; she started very young with her mother, choreographer, in Paris.

About Virginie Hucher

Virginie is graduated in plastic arts, and after training in various significant workshops (Michel Gouéry, Bruno Lebel, Marc Alberghina), she developed a mostly abstract aesthetic in its own forms. Fine colorist, her work focuses on themes related to nature, the body and the living through several mediums: acrylic, oil, performance, sculpture. 

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Virginie wants to become one with nature, in a search for unity, true osmosis, symbiosis. If nature is not directly visible in her paintings, Virginie performs a creative process that borrows from Land art. Nature is abstract in its representation, but it is at the heart of itself that the artist begins each of his creations. To respond to the ephemerality of her drawings on living supports, which are destined to disappear, Virginie photographs, films each of her performances rigorously. Essential witnesses to the continuation of her creative process.

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Then comes a real investigative work, in her "laboratory", as she likes to call her workshop. The artist exhumes: travel photographs, quotes, tracings, drawings ... Almost in the manner of an archaeologist who discovers with a new eye vestiges of the past, which another eye has already experienced ... The walls of her studio are covered, only a large white band remains, space necessary to project the video of her performance. This step allows her to better appropriate the gestures before finally starting to paint. There, Virginie deploys her finely selected colors on canvas frames, large paper or tracing paper.

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What to See In 2020

  • Pop Up via cappucini, commissaires Lucinda Chambers, Molly Molloy, Kristin Forss , Colville, Milan;
  • Pop Up rue Saint Dominique, commissaires Lucinda Chambers, Molly Molloy, Kristin Forss, Colville, Paris;
  • Carte blanche, curators Florence Provost and Maria Giovanna Gilotta, Espace Landowski, Galerie Exit Art, Boulogne Billancourt;
  • I am 800 years old / Metz Cathedral, curator Viviane Zenner, Moon Days Gallery, Metz.  //  @virginie_hucher


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