Diane von Furstenberg's granddaughter launches clothing line

Talita von Furstenberg is only 19 years old

Some companies have set up committees with millennials to advise on the inner workings of their brands. Diane von Furstenberg, however, does not need to look much for her own advice under the age of 30. Her 19-year-old granddaughter, Talita von Furstenberg, has been following the stylist's side since her birth.

The novelty now is that Talita has just released a collection-capsule for the brand of her grandmother, named TVF. In total, there are 23 pieces that line up with the free desire to travel the life and wardrobe of a 19-year-old girl. There are dresses with botanical prints and others with ruffles. See the photos of the novelty here below:

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