Inside CHANEL: Gabrielle's perfect link with cinema

From the golden age of Hollywood to the French New Wave, Gabrielle Chanel marked cinema icons with her elegance and modernity
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Fashion and cinema have been together for a long time. It is interesting to think about how real life and acting have always been influenced. We have a classic example when, at the beginning of the 20th century, women went to the cinema and took a notebook to copy the looks of the actresses. In this way, thinking as a two-way street, the two industries today still rely on each other, in a match  Perfect. Thus, for episode 28 of the Inside CHANEL series, the brand portrays the creative connection of cinema with the career of Gabrielle Chanel.

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The irreverent designer born in 1883 was a child when cinema brought about a revolution in the artistic landscape in the early 20th century: moving images. That was what also collaborated with his idea of giving rhythm to female silhouettes, soon realizing the need to unite fashion and cinema.

In 1931, film producer Samuel Goldwyn asked Gabrielle Chanel to dress up her actresses in Tonight or Never. The positive response resulted in Gloria Swanson wearing a wardrobe refined to the extreme - just as the brand is still seen today - created entirely by Chanel. However, Parisian elegance was not very well received in Hollywood, making the stylist say goodbye to the city.

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Again in France, her native country, Gabrielle Chanel collaborated with French directors in several different ways: Marcel Carné at Le Quai des Brumes, Jean Renoir at La Marseillaise, The Human Beast and The Rules of the Game - for which she designed the costumes for all female roles.

As well as the performances that dominate the cinema, body expressions, silent attitudes and clothing complement each other to create an aesthetic. Like, for example, the attitude of one of the actresses who in one of the films posed with her hands in her pockets wearing a Chanel model, embodying an androgynous style - totally out of the standard of the time. The simple attitude was acclaimed by Gabrielle, reflecting on the essence of her brand later on.

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In the post-1950s, Chanel's current vision was incorporated by the iconic tweed ensemble - this one perfectly combined with modern times and the new cinema aesthetic: the new French wave.

The brand's models also appeared in other films, such as Les Liaisons Dangereuses in 1960 and soon afterwards became the darlings of countless New Wave actresses, naturally merging between the screen and the streets, merged into one.

All this history lived and written in detail, reflects today in the style of Chanel, marking the lives of women and making the Maison one of the greatest fashion references in the world.

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The series called “Inside Chanel” was created by the brand to tell the story behind Gabrielle Chanel's life and creations. The elegance and modernity taught through modeling and the famous CHANEL Nº5 fragrance are available on the official website of the brand and on the YouTube channel.

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Gabrielle Chanel and Cinema - Inside CHANEL

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