What Is Cryotherapy?

Ever since athletes introduced it, it has become a trend in the field of workout and wellness. Here is advice from an expert.
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Often we hear about cryotherapy, one of the innovations in the fitness and wellness sector, but few know what we really talk about. To get us to understand what it is all about - the benefits and other curiosities - we met Simone Doti, founder of Cryovis, a centre specialising in this practice.


What is cryotherapy for? What are the benefits?

 Cryotherapy has multiple purposes. Among the most important, we have anti-inflammatory activity reducing the proinflammatory cytokines. It improves microcirculation and eliminates water retention, lymphoedemas, and stimulates endorphins, boosting energy. It is used to combat anxiety and minor depression, restores circadian rhythms, and very useful for those who have insomnia because it improves the quality of sleep. Cryotherapy not only gives elasticity and shine to the skin, but it also is a great anti-aging weapon.


What is the cryo training system?

 The cryo training system method is a training method that I invented and recorded. It takes time to tailor the therapy to each individual based on his physiological and body parameters. A tailor-made HIIT workout and cryotherapy after training helps to achieve the client's goal because you to have more energy to burn more calories and can recover faster. Therefore, training sessions become much more effective.


 How long should you train with this method to see the results?

 For those who train regularly, I recommend doing CTS once a week to give your metabolism a different stimulus.


Should we follow a diet?

Balanced nutrition is always essential to maintain good results. A 2-month program with CTS twice a week and a proper and healthy diet will get you excellent results. For those who do sport regularly, I recommend doing CTS once a week to give a different stimulus to your metabolism.


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