Why didn't Taylor Swift attend the Grammys?

She decided to speak out after the rumors stating that she would not have gone to the awards because she would not win the award in the category of “Best Song of the Year”.
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Taylor Swift was one of the only artists who did not attend the award. After the latest accusations of harassment and corruption involving the awards, there were those who thought that her absence had to do with the fact. This version, however, was just speculation.

In a note yesterday, 01/31, the singer's team released a note seeking to stop different rumors about the reason for her absence. Referring to her song “You need to calm down”, they published: “She [ Taylor Swift ] just didn't go to the Grammys. You have to calm down".

The public pronouncement came mainly after rumors that the singer would have missed out because she wasn't sure she would win the award for Best Song of the Year - which in fact ended up going to the teenage phenomenon Billie Eilish.

According to the American column PageSix, the singer wanted to be sure of her recognition: “Her team called to make sure she won the Grammy. Although it was not an explicit demand, they certainly tried to find out if Taylor was the winner. It was clear from the conversation that if she wasn't going to win, she wouldn't come to the Grammys” said the source.

Other publications, such as the US Magazie, for example, state that Swift is actually looking to spend more time with his family, more specifically with her mother, who was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer.

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