Why fashion replays Matrix

Bored with science fiction films and confronted with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, designers are turning cyberpunk.
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What distinguishes the fashion object from the stage costume? Few things to believe the young guard of creators, Alexander Wang, Alessandro Michele, Marine Green and Virgil Abloh in mind. All-leather jumpsuits - between Trinity and Catwoman -, 3D glasses, bionic sneakers, all worn by cyborg manikins sometimes aided by a baby dragon or a domestic chameleon ...

The pace of the season breaks with months and months of asceticism through the cyberpunk - the subgenre of the sacrosanct science fiction that the Wachowski with Matrix and Ridley Scott with Blade Runner willingly yielded in the years 1980-1990.

From the neo-nun in hemp sweater under quilted cassock, an allegory of minimalism, we pass to the hacker sci-fi also "crazy computer science that rock" (in the words of the American writer Bruce Sterling), to the image of Kylie Jenner in bondage dress, logotomized tights and especially mirror glasses signed Alexander Wang, May 7 at MET Gala in New York.

Pillar, in the same way as Nicolas Ghesquière, the great family of futurist-geeks, said Alexander Wang is part of a movement that goes beyond the simple opera, posing in its way the milestones of a dystopian society where technology would have taken over the human. More than a costume, fashion becomes a shell to face the Machiavellian "I.A.".

Фото: Vittoria Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

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