You Can Now Buy Jane Birkin's Iconic Wicker Basket

A true icon of style, Jane Birkin cultivated in the sixties and seventies a unique Parisian style. Her signature? The wicker basket, which she took everywhere with her, for bargain hunting or going to the market, worn like a handbag with vintage accents. This summer, the Dutch label The Bangs Vintage is reissuing it with matching highly desirable retro scarves.
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If only one detail of Jane Birkin's iconic style had to be retained, it would undoubtedly be the wicker basket. Whether in Paris or on a vacation in the French Riviera, the actress took it everywhere with her, raising it to the rank of timeless fashion - and a real must-have of the summer. This cult accessory with vintage bucolic accents is today reinterpreted by the Dutch label The Bangs Vintage. Focusing on slow and responsible fashion, the e-shop, launched in 1992 in Amsterdam by Noëlle Maxine, offers handcrafted items that last a lifetime and whose style is mainly inspired by the French icons that marked the '70s .

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Jane Birkin in June 1970 © WATFORD / Mirrorpix / Getty Images

Each "Birkin Basket" is thus made by hand by Portuguese craftsmen, during a manufacturing process which lasts approximately three days. The wicker used for the basket is left to soak in water for a few days so that it softens so that the fibers can be folded and twisted to give the shape of the basket. The scarves are in pastel shades to give a resolutely retro look, and each of them is handmade in Amsterdam using cotton - an easy way to personalise your basket at any time of the day. Finally, the cover is fixed, which has to be rotated to open and close the basket, therefore allowing easy access to the container. A must have for embracing the iconic allure of Jane Birkin this summer, from € 119.95! See more here: bangsvintage.com.


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