Your Shoe Guide For Summer 2020

The dad sandals are the new must-have.
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Property of Bottega Veneta

The 2020 summer season gives us a mix of everything - starting with the minimalism of the Dior slippers to the maximalism of the sky-high Chanel platforms. From gladiator sandals to dad shoes and mules with a square toe, one thing is certain - sandals in all shapes and forms will rule this season.


The dad sandals have become extremely popular, thanks to Chanel!



Not far behind are Miu Miu and Prada with their own twists of the shoe model.


The geometrically inspired plateau, combined with large accents, will spice up any feminine look, such as silk midi skirts and dresses.



For lovers of minimalism, Chanel and Dior also offer a softer, Mediterranean look with a flatter plateau.



For a more chic city look, follow Balenciaga's advice and keep the sandals, but this time on a pedestal.




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