Zoey Deutch is the face of Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU bag

Born from the childhood memories of its designer Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Peekaboo bag is reinterpreted in accordion format under the name Peekaboo ISeeU with American actress Zoey Deutch as its muse.
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Inscribed in the heritage of the Fendi house, like the famous Baguette bag, the Peekaboo, which will soon celebrate its 11th anniversary, is the embodiment of luxury. By combining know-how and creativity, it continues to rhyme with technicality and high quality, collection after collection. The house of Fendi is launching a first international campaign celebrating the emotional relationship between the new version of the Peekaboo, featuring detachable, interchangeable and customizable interior pockets with its own initials, with the star Zoey Deutch through a video and a series of Pictures. The American actress shared about this collaboration.

L'Officiel: How does it feel to be the ambassador of the first Peekaboo campaign?

Zoey Deutch: It's an honor, I'm a huge fan of the brand so joining the Fendi family is very exciting.

What does Fendi mean to you?

The brand is synonymous with elegance, craftsmanship and style for me. I think Fendi designs clothes for women who want to be in control while still being able to relax, be cheerful ... and that's exactly the kind of girl I am.

Which adjectives best describe Peekaboo?

Chic, mysterious, classic.

How is it an iconic bag?

I like that it opens like a big smile, which reveals its inner beauty, and its interchangeable pockets. In addition to being classic, it is very practical and chic, you can put the necessary of course, but much more. But I am known to put a lot of things in my bag ...

What do you have in common with this bag?


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