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One day tour: Royal Mansour

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, L'Officiel Maroc makes you discover daily addresses to delight the most demanding taste buds at the time of the tour. The Royal Mansour lends itself to the game and delivers us the secret recipe for a successful fast break.
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The bright colors of freshly squeezed fruit juices, melting dates of sweetness, the golden honey of pastries and the crispy briouates make up a first cornucopia. Then follow the traditional harira and other soups, tagines and refined dishes ... At the time of the tour, Chef Jerome Videau draws up a menu as gourmet as varied, all in the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant La Table . And with its brand new grill stand, the Chef will satisfy even the most demanding. Cherry on the ftour: the essential touch of sweetness at the pancake bar where everyone will enjoy filling his cakes according to his tastes and desires. 

Ftour at La Table restaurant

Reservations: 05 29 80 82 82 



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