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Ruinart Revolutionises the Packaging of Champagnes With A Recyclable Second-Skin Case

Once again, the Ruinart house is demonstrating its avant-gardism by imagining an eco-responsible second skin shell designed to preserve the integrity of Ruinart taste until tasting. A real technological feat that has not overlooked style!
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The oldest champagne house is not at its first attempt: used to shaking up the standards of the profession, in 2020, Ruinart breaks the tradition of unitary boxes, and goes further in its environmental approach with the design of a new box for its vintage bottles. Imagined as a second skin perfectly matching the emblematic curves of the bottles, the coat has been eco-designed, confirming the historic house's desire to invest in sustainable development.

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While a statutory box made sense yesterday, a garment made from 100% cellulose fibers, fully recyclable, takes nowadays the centre stage with its lightness. Sustainable innovation, the second skin case advocates a return to nature: it aims to reduce and recycle without altering either the experience or the taste. "With this second skin case, Maison Ruinart confirms its pioneering role in the champagne sector, and its ambition in terms of social and environmental responsibility. This disruptive project crystallises our commitment to more sustainable development at all stages of production and marketing of our wines, from the cultivation of the vine to the tasting experience," explains Frédéric Dufour, President of Maison Ruinart.

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As for the design, the case is a direct tribute to chalk pits. The minimalist paper shell is thus coupled with a soft touch and a textured surface reminiscent of the historic cellars of the House, in Reims. The design of the case reinterprets the gestures of gastronomic establishments: it is inspired by the way in which hotel masters wrap a white towel around bottles of champagne.

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A true technological feat, a total of 7 prototypes were necessary to develop this hull. The use of cellulose fiber or paper pulp has required two technological challenges to be resolved. The first was to make the case impermeable to light which can alter the wine, especially for clear glass bottles. Paper alone was not enough protection to filter out all light waves. A new technique was then developed to enrich the cellulose paste with a natural metal oxide which reinforces the opacity of this protective second skin. The second was to ensure that the case protects the wine until tasting, resists serving uses, including humidity, without deteriorating. Suitable for refrigeration, the envelope retains its integrity for several hours in a bucket filled with ice. Ruinart thus offers a new gesture.


R de Ruinart, second skin case: 50 €

R de Ruinart 2011, second skin case: 73 €

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, second skin case: 73 €

Ruinart Rosé, second skin case: 73 €

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