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11 Tasty Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Dry January 2021

Start off the New Year fresh and hangover-free with these zero proof alternatives.
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Right on time after Christmas and New Year's festivities, Dry January descends with all its resolutions of alcohol abstinence in the promise of a body, mind, and wallet detox. The so-called sober-curious lifestyle has gained traction (and even the Goop stamp of approval) in recent years, and along with it a number of flavorful non-alcoholic alternatives have entered the market. From zero proof spirits to bubbly soft drinks and healthy mocktails, ditching the booze to give your liver a rest won’t be such a hard task. Here, L'OFFICIEL rounds up 11 beverages sans alcohol for a teetotal January 2021.

These alcohol-free restorative elixirs for the sober-curious are created with organic juices, herbs, and spices that bring to life bold and wholesome combinations.

Curious No.1, $35 for four bottles, Curious Elixirs


Kin Euphorics delivers a collection of booze-free beverages comprising of all the good things–adaptogens, botanics, and nootropics–to increase bliss and avoid missing out on the cocktails.

High Rode, $39, Kin Euphorics


British-founded liquor substitutes Seedlip are suited to indulge with zero proof mixed drinks. Plus, their beautifully illustrated packaging make them a perfect gift.

Spice 94, $40, Seedlip


Pour yourself a drink and take the edge off with this plant-based non-alcoholic spirit. Aplós offers calming benefits thanks to 20 milligrams of hemp per serving mixed with nuances of ginger and rosemary for a citrusy finish.

$48, Aplós


Crafted to celebrate the flavors of the world’s quintessential spirits, Lyre’s alcohol-free renditions don’t just mimic the originals, they are distinctive and modern. 

Dry London Spirit, $36, Lyre's


A tasty cider made of organic Washington apples and hemp extract, Otto’s CBD brew is a delightful gluten-free, THC-free, and alcohol-free choice. 

Double-Hop Apple, Otto's CBD Cider, available at select retailers

This pomegranate hibiscus infused sparkling drink combines CBD and adaptogens to help the body and mind with relaxation and balance. It also comes in five other flavors, including coconut lime, peach ginger, blackberry chai, black cherry, and blood orange.

Pomegranate Hibiscus, $40 for an eight-pack, Recess


No added sugars and no calories are a promise in this hand-crafted liquor—minus the alcohol—that provides an elegant and refreshing alternative to the classic cocktails. 

Virgin Gin & Tonic, $25 for an eight-pack, Saint Ivy


With a delicious mix of bitter, floral, and fruity notes, this sparkling botanical beverage can be relished chilled or over ice anywhere, anytime.

Rivington Spritz, $19.50, Proteau


Red, fizzy, and cheerful, Sanbitter Rosso has always been the icon of non-alcoholic apéritif in Italy, to be enjoyed with a side of chips and green olives. 

Sanbitter Rosso, $27, Amazon


Containing only pure and natural herbal extracts, this non-alcoholic apéritif is an ode to summers spent by the Mediterranean Sea. 

$33, Ghia


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